How to buy a boat in Spain
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How to buy a boat in Spain

Hi my name is Peter Peter Mattey and I would like to share with you my 30 years of experience of owning a boat in Spain. I bought my first boat in France in 1989 and since then I have owned many boats in different ports in France and Spain. I would like to tell you what I would do if I was buying a boat for the first time or if more exactly if I were  buying a boat in Spain. If you have a boat in England already you can skip the first part of the video but I’m sure there is something for everybody in this video. The first advice I would give to someone who wants to buy a sailboat is to, sit down with a pen and paper and draw up a realistic plan of action. Why, because you do not buy a sailboat for the sake of it but because you have a particular project in mind. This project, you have to define , you have to visualise it and write it down , this way not only you make the right decision but you can refine that decision. and help reassure other future stakeholders (family friends share and help you. O. K. the Plan. The first consideration on being “what is it you like doing now ” and  “what would you like to do if you had the chance.”. For example , do you want to live on the boat? or just use it for short holidays, charter etc ?The next questions on How to buy a boat in Spain, are, Where do you want sail and with whom? This dictates the size and type of boat.

How to buy a boat in spain

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