Buying a new boat or Buying a used boat in Spain.

Hi my name is Peter Mattey and I’d like to share with you some of my 30 years of

experience of buying and selling boats in Spain. I bought my first boat in
France in 1989 and since then I’ve owned many boats in many different ports in
France and Spain. I would like to share with you what I would do if I was buying
a boat for the first time. or more exactly if I were buying a boat in Spain for the first time. If you

have a boat already in England alright you can skip the first part of the video

Buying a new boat or Buying a used boat in Spain

but I’m sure there’s something for everybody in this video. The first advice
I would give to somebody who wants to buy a sailboat motor boat is to sit
down with a pen and paper and draw up a realistic plan of action. Why because you
don’t buy a sailboat for the sake of it but because you have a particular project in
mind. This project you have to define you have to visualize it and write it down.
This way not only will you make the right decision but you can refine the
decision and really assure other future stakeholders; family friends, your wife
that they’re okay with the plan. So the first consideration what would you like
to do with the boat. This is an important question might seem obvious to you do
you want to live on the boat that could happen you could go for a holiday and
think I really like this and you might just want to go back
to gloomy old England. You might just want to stay in the Sun. Do you want to
use it for short holidays or even perhaps you’d like to charter it ,some
people do that, they enjoy the boat and then they charter it for the season, not
something I would do but I mean everybody’s everybody’s different.

Buying a new boat or Buying a used boat in Spain

Do you want to port hop or sail in it to Greece? So this is very important
question. The next question is with whom do you want to sail this question will
dictate the size and type of boat. Try and anticipate, it better to buy the
right boat from the start. Changing boats is very expensive and more often than
not unnecessary. You would not believe the number of
people who buy a boat and then want to change it very quickly afterwards. Why
because they had never imagined that their partner or family would take to it
or that it wasn’t so difficult after all to sail to the Balearics— at the end
of the video I will include a PDF checklist that you can download and fill
in. Now you have to think about which ports or places you would like to moor
your boat; scan the web particularly YouTube and find out about facilities
and sailing conditions. I am currently working on some videos on different
ports in Spain but you can have a look at if you like mooring. After all it is
important your boat needs enough space adequate shelter and have access to all
the maintenance facilities accessibility to the port is very important. Maybe you
don’t want to have to hire a car each time you visit your boat.
Lookup ports and their proximity to airports that can’t connect directly
with an airport and this once again will depend how much time you want to spend
on the boat. However there are quite a few ports in Spain with good access;
Valencia for example you can fly directly from Gatwick it’s an hour and a
half you can jump in a taxi or even a bus and in 12 to 15 minutes for a
15-pound taxi ride you are next to your boat. You want a boat that keeps its
value and requires the least maintenance possible we’re going to talk about the
acquisition price and also the monthly or yearly cost of maintaining the boat
in a good state. This is important that way you can sell the boat later at a
good price you will not make a profit but you can certainly cut your losses
appreciably. A well maintained will keep its value and if treated correctly will
not cost much to maintain. The age of the boat and how often you
want to use it or dictate the amount of future updates or overhauls. The price of
the boat is the cost of the boat launched and ready to sail so I will try
and guide you how to buy a boat at the right price in the right place with a
maximum vision of costs in the short and long term. You can pick up tips by
watching how I and others survey each boat and what we look for before buying
a boat, the actual video that you’re watching at the moment is a colleague of
mine surveying a boat a secondhand boat and another video which is showing you
what the interior of a boat looks like. This is more of a sales video but it’s
interesting normally I would advise anyone to buy a boat if I can see three
to five years ahead so much depends on the initial survey of the boat and the
price paid. Supply and demand dictates the price as in everything you could
look at that what they call a platform in Spain like (Casas tuberculous) google translation Cosasdebarcos in English which I
can leave a link to and they will show you the average buying price paid the
cheapest and the most expensive this in this last 12-month period. To give you an
idea a boat with an average price of 70,000 euros you can see for sale for as
much as 90,000 or for as little as 50,000 there are so many factors. So I
hope I’ve convinced you not to buy on impulse and to plan out your project. If
it is done right having a boat in Spain or anywhere else probably, gives you a
wonderful way of life. I will be interviewing in my videos people who
have taken the decision and what they enjoy and what they would do if they
could start over. So we’ve thought about the type of sailing
or motoring and who we are going to sail or motor with. 

Buying a new boat or Buying a used boat in Spain

We have more more or less
planned out the first year or even better in the first few years
therefore now that we’ve answered all these questions as best we can say that we have
completed the first phase, “the definition of the program”. Now we move on to the
choice of your boat for this the single best advice is start with an open mind
you may already have your heart set on one type of boat because it’s look
because you’ve sailed in it once or because you’ve have seen it in a dry
dock or you’ve chartered the same boat. There isn’t a problem with this however
it will greatly limit your choice and your ability to bargain and the quality
of the boats available. So in my opinion it is better to have an open mind in
order to get the boat the best boat for your buck. That is to say you can look at
different makes and models with different lengths all within a certain
price range. It is of paramount importance and unfortunately this is
something that is all not often the case in Spain, you must assure yourself that
the boat is in the fit state to navigate. Find a boat with a detailed video like
the one that I’m showing above with a commentary so that you’ve got a good
idea of what the boat actually is like. Do not rely on the 20 photos you see in
the average gallery, the Spanish market is full of boats that have not been
maintained properly or have been in disuse for a long time it is important
to have certain reassurances or assurances before wasting time or money
visiting the boat. It is possible to have an accurate virtual idea before
physically visiting the boat find an agent who speaks good English and ask
him the right questions. If you’re a DIY person there are countless opportunities
to buy boats in a bad condition. I’m talking about boats registered under
the Spanish flag boats owned by non Nationals are generally in better state.
Ideally once you have surveyed the boat yourself you can always get an expert to
look it over for you. An expert advisor who has the competence
and enough knowledge to completely check the boat and to issue a report; this
report can be used to either bargain over the price or discount the project
altogether. However in my experience if you follow everything I’m going to show
you over the course of the next few videos I don’t think you’ll go far wrong
over the years the only real problems I have experienced are with obsolete
electronics. For checking motors it is best to get a mechanic, before I
undertake to sell a boat for somebody or to buy a boat for myself I always get a
mechanic to check it over particularly the compression of the motor. The hull
I’ve included a little video at the end to show an acute case of osmosis. It’s
quite easy to check once the boat is out the water, sails Masting, rigging which you
see at the beginning of the video being checked They are quite easy to assess
yourself. In other countries for example in France there are many maritime
surveyors but less so in Spain. You do a provisional survey of the boat and
take it out for a sail. Check the electricity see if the instrument works
you can check the state of the rigging and the sails whilst you sail then once
the boat is out the water, inspect it thoroughly. What I advise you to do is if
you find a boat that you really like and seems ok pay a refundable deposit say
10% and then check the hull and and the boat the valves and everything
completely I’m going to more detail. This deposit if the boat isn’t what it
was purported to be is refundable but if it’s good you can go ahead with the
purchase. Providing that the documentation of the
boat is correct and this is something very important you do not want to buy a
boat that’s got finance or it’s got some kind of problem.
Spanish boats have the equivalent of an MOT test on them so be careful with that.
However the first thing I would advise someone to do is to re-register the boat
in any other country Span One why because the Spanish like the
American have a very onerous administration and it’s extremely
expensive. The registration under another flag is easy and not costly if it is done
right. I’m actually trying to make a video on this at the moment but I will
explain the simple steps to avoid any problems I can remake recommend how to
find the most reliable channels to make this normally cumbersome and complex
administrative process quite simple. I will have to make a video on this there
are some good independent advisors and I will include a list you may want a
professional who had a reasonable price can guarantee that the boat is
properly documented and at the time of boat is free of any finance. So this is a
general overview of buying a boat in Spain find a boat preferably with a
video that inspects each part of the boat in detail, one that talks about the
sails ringing in every detail associated with them. A good review of the anchor is
important and is often a source of problems. What is important is a careful
review of the Hull I’ve already said the keel and the boat’s underneath. That is to
say here we have to focus our attention because this is the main element of any
boat you should check out the cache and the rudder, propeller shaft etc.
Don’t forget the ceiling and the safety of all the stop comes these valves are
very important and they need to open and shut correctly with ease.
It is possible and I will show you in other videos how
to replace a stop cock whilst the boats still in the water
but it’s better just to avoid the problem and if there is a problem to
build it into your cost of purchase. From there we go to the mechanical part
and it’s very important when it comes to selling boats there are some lovely
boats about 30 to 40 years old These boats even though they’re
made from reinforced polyester with fiberglass by companies already using
methods of mass production, they’re still good for sailing they’re
still reliable and they’re quite good quality. The only thing that I would say
is be careful with the engine. I will not usually touch an older boat
say 30 to 40 years if the motor hasn’t been replaced in the last 10 years. Right
now let’s turn our attention to the electricity this is quite a complex and
it’s a source of problems on a boat with a possibility of fire most of the Spanish boats
have been repaired by well-meaning amateurs who will often leave
unnecessary wiring and there’s a certain disorganization. Navigation instruments
are usually obsolete on most boats when you buy them so you’ve got to bear that
in mind however the cost of replacement to these what used to be very expensive
items are now very reasonable. So an electronics on an old boat it’s best if
they are replaced if they have not been already. I hope I’ve been able to
help you with your purchase of a boat we’re be going into more detail on each boat
in other videos buying a boat is not straightforward but if done correctly
it’s a wonderful thing. If you have any questions please put them in the comment
section below and I will be pleased to answer I’m starting a Facebook group for
British boat owners in Spain and I will leave a link below thank you very much
for watching
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